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Diamond Antenna DL30A Compact Dummy Load (DL30A)  
Diamond Antenna DL30A Compact Dummy Load (DL30A) 
Never hit the transmit button on your transceiver without a 50-ohm load connected to the transceiver's output. If you do, you will damage your transceiver. Many authorities suggest not even turning on a transceiver without a 50-ohm load connected to to transceiver's unused output. The Diamond Antenna DL30A Compact Dummy provides the required 50 ohms of impedance when an antenna is not mounted for whatever reason. The DL30 measures 30mm in diameter and 75mm in length, so it is small enough to be attached to an unused output of a HF/VHF/UHF transceiver. The DL30's power rating is 100 watts peak and 15 watts continuous, and the frequency rating is DC to 500 MHz. Connector type is a gold-plated UHF/PL-259. (Shown for illustration purposes with Diamond Antenna K540 Mobile Mobile Antenna Mount and Diamond Antenna C213 Coaxial Cable Assembly, which are sold separately.)


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