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Amflo 0.625" Tire Valve Stem (DIT15WZ)  
Amflo 0.625" Tire Valve Stem (DIT15WZ) 
The Amflo 0.625" Tire Valve Stem fits tubeless rims with 0.625" valve stem holes. If you are running tubeless tires but your rims are the tubed type, then you should have 0.625" valve stem holes. This valve stem has a 1.25" effective length, which is long enough for easy access but short enough that it will be tucked out of the way and less susceptible to damage on difficult trails. The 1.25" length is our favorite size. Replace your valve stems at every tire change. Valve stems are cheap, so there is no reason not to replace them at every tire change. Valve stems are also very small, so there is no reason not to keep several trail spares on hand in your field tool set. Each valve stem is sold as a complete assembly and thus comes standard with valve core and plastic valve cap already installed. Sold individually.


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