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Victorinox Forged Professional 3" Parer (7.7203.09G)  
Victorinox Forged Professional 3" Parer (7.7203.09G) 
The paring knife is a must-have kitchen tool, and is optimized for smaller and more delicate cuts such as peeling apples, cutting fruit, butterflying shrimp, and seeding small chilies and peppers. The paring knife has a very small and thin blade that makes it easy to maneuver for delicate or complex cuts. While much smaller, the paring knife features the same proportions, curves, and angles as the chef's and sandwich knives and thus switching from one of these knives to the other for different cuts becomes second nature. The Victorinox Forged Professional 3" Parer follows the traditional lines of most paring knives, but is very slightly shorter in blade length. The balance is decidedly handle-heavy for greater blade control during finer cuts. Like all Victorinox Forged Professional knives, the 3" Parer features a high-carbon stainless steel blade, hot drop-forged construction, ice tempering, bolsterless edge, full-tang construction, and ergonomic handle design.

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