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Pelican Products Peli Desiccant (1500D)  
Pelican Products Peli Desiccant (1500D) 
The Pelican Products Peli Desiccant contains 40 grams of silica gel in a porous container. The Peli Desiccant absorbs any dampness trapped inside your Pelican cases from opening them in high-humidity conditions. The Desiccant also prevents condensation from forming during changes in temperature. The Peli Desiccant is perfect for protecting electronics, cameras, and firearms that are stored inside your Pelican cases. The Peli Desiccant measures 2" x 4" and protects three cubic feet of airspace. When the silica gels turns pink, the crystals are saturated and the Peli Desiccant must be reactivated. The Peli Desiccant can be reactivated in a conventional oven an indefinite number of times, making the Peli Desiccant good for a lifetime of protection for your valuables. (Shown for illustration purposes with Pelican Products 1470 Laptop Case, Heckler & Koch P7M8, and P7M8 magazines, all of which are sold separately.)

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