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Snow Peak Peg Hammer PRO.C (N-001)  
Snow Peak Peg Hammer PRO.C (N-001) 
The Snow Peak Peg Hammer PRO.C is a copper-faced hammer designed for driving stakes into the ground without damaging the stakes. The Peg Hammer's soft copper striking face is designed to deform and peen rather than peening the stakes (the copper striking face is replaceable after several years of hard use), which also decreases the pounding to the user's hand. The Peg Hammer is constructed with a steel head and oak handle. The forged steel head features a hook for removing the Snow Peak Solid Stakes from the ground, and an eyelet for removing conventional stakes with hooked heads. The oak handle is reinforced with steel plates and rivets where it plugs into the hammer's head. The octagonal cross section of the handle lets the user deliver powerful and accurate blows, and the wooden handle transmits the blows effectively. The Peg Hammer also makes an excellent general-purpose hammer for field tool kits, as it will still deliver shocks and hard blows without damaging things like drivetrain components. A detachable lanyard is included. The Peg Hammer PRO.C is 11.5" long and weighs 1.4 lbs.

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Snow Peak
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