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ARB Fridge Freezer Tie Down System (10900010)  
ARB Fridge Freezer Tie Down System (10900010) 
The ARB Fridge Tie Down System is designed to secure the ARB 37-Quart and 50-Quart Fridge Freezers to the ARB Roller Slide. While the ARB Fridge Freezer may be hard-mounted to the Roller Slide, many users will prefer the Fridge Tie Down System to secure their Fridge Freezer because they also use their Fridge Freezer as a home or office portable fridge when they are not in the field. All of the mounting tabs and fasteners required to mount the Fridge Tie Down System to the Roller Slide are included, and the Fridge Tie Down System is completely compatible with the ARB Canvas Transit Bags. The Fridge Freezer Tie Down System will also secure the ARB 63-Quart and 82-Quart Fridge Freezers to your cargo floor when using your own anchor points.

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