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Ballistol 16 oz. Can (120076)  
Ballistol 16 oz. Can (120076) 
Ballistol (ballistic oil) is over 100 years old and yet it remains the best product of its kind. Ballistol cleans, lubricates, and protects both blackpowder and smokeless firearms. Ballistol is biodegradable, safe on wood and leather, and non-toxic. You might think that a non-toxic CLP like Ballistol would not clean as well as dedicated cleaners, lubricate as well as dedicated lubricants, or protect as well as dedicated protectants, but you would be wrong. Ballistol works as well or better than all of these dedicated products, and it has not harmed any material we have put it on. Ballistol is the last gun cleaner, lubricant, or protectant you will ever use, but it is so much more. We use it on nearly everything and so will you once you try it and see how well it works. The 16 oz. Can works best when you dispense some Ballistol into a separate dispenser like our Needle Oilers.

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