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ARB Fridge Freezer Wiring & Threaded Socket Kit (10900027)  
ARB Fridge Freezer Wiring & Threaded Socket Kit (10900027)
If your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket is ignition-sensitive, or out of reach, or doesn't lock, the ARB Fridge Freezer Wiring & Threaded Socket Kit is a very easy way to hardwire a locking DC power socket to your vehicle. The kit includes 20' of double insulated 8 gauge (6mm) auto cable, pre-assembled with inline fuse and eyelets for easily installation onto your battery's terminals. Also included are two, 1/4 side entry quick-connect terminals and insulators. These terminals are supplied loose to enable the user to trim the cable to minimum length and minimize voltage drop to the fridge. Finally, the ARB Threaded Socket Surface Mount (10900028) is also included, and the user may choose between panel mounting the socket or leaving the socket in the included housing.

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