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modacad January 23rd, 2008 05:53 PM

2nd Battery setup for LR3
Gettiung the rig ready for some extended camping/offroading and I would like to add a second battery. Does anyone have suggestions on how/what I should install? I like the Optima batteries so that's the first part... Does anyone have any pictures of their setups?



modacad January 29th, 2008 05:08 PM

Ok.. Here is what has been purchased
I got no replies from this forum, but over at Disco3 I did... I have purchased a Optima Yellow top battery and the following two items..

From Traxide in Australia I purchased a SC80-LR kit which is a dual battery controller and everything that you need to wire it in for a LR3. I have also ordered from them a TPSE kit which is everything needed to install two 12 cigarette style socket's in the back of the truck. These are wired to the second battery directly and will allow the continous use of a fridge/freezer. I'll post a pic or two after install.

ronward January 30th, 2008 05:38 AM

I'd suggest you also wire up an inverter too. They come in handy on the trail and at the campsite. Mine's wired in directly to the battery on my DII through a breaker. Just a thought.

modacad February 6th, 2008 12:31 PM

Thanks! I have a portable one I carry around in the bag in the back... I may just have to find a spot where I can permanetly mount it... When it is all said and done I'll post a couple of pictures also.

dchapman March 20th, 2008 07:24 PM

In looking at this, I have a few questions.

Here is the isolator http://www.traxide.com.au/D3.html

As it reads, set-up looks very simple. I've also checked out a few set-ups on Disco3.co.uk and see a lot of folks retaining the stock LR starting battery, and adding a deep-cycle secondary. It seems the Optima is very popular.

My questions start here.

Optima claims that wiring two different batteries in parallel is not a good idea.
"Can I hook an Optima up in parallel with my other battery?
No, when hooking batteries together in parallel they should be of identical make, model, and of similar age."

I guess this is in reference to jobs such as John's install and RV's.

Now, what is the difference when you use an isolator between the two batteries? It seems to me that you're still connecting the batteries in parallel by connecting the two positive thermals.

I know it's being done, but are there any ill effects when using a a "stock" LR starter battery in conjunction with a deep-cycle battery, such as Optima or Odyssey, when utilizing this Traxide isolator in a D3?

Huntsman September 14th, 2008 03:55 PM

Hellroaring Technologies
I too am looking into a dual-battery setup for my 2003 Discovery.

My main desire is to have a backup battery always available to start and operate the vehicle if the main battery becomes discharged (which has happened twice to me in the past few years).

I'm looking at getting a "Hellroaring Battery Isolator/Combiner (part #BIC-95300B)" from Hellroaring Technologies, inc. (http://www.hellroaring.com/) and running two Optima D31M Blue Top Batteries.

I need to do a bit more research and also look into figuring out the installation (I'm not even sure there is space for such a setup under the hood).

If anyone has experience with Hellroaring or knows of any existing battery trays for dual-battery setups in a Discovery, drop a note.


Huntsman November 8th, 2008 01:55 PM

Hellroaring/Odyssey dual battery system in 2003 Discovery
I finally finished this project and thought I'd post some details in case anyone else is interested in fitting a similar system.

20081108-1-10 1

As I stated earlier, my primary desire was to have a backup battery available to start and operate the vehicle if the main battery became discharged. My secondary desire was to have the ability to combine the two batteries for winching.

The Hellroaring Battery Isolator/Combiner looks to be high quality; each component appears well made and is nicely finished. (You can see the isolator on the driver's firewall side of the battery.)


Inside the cab there is a small remote switch which is used to change between the 3 available modes: "auto" the charging/isolation mode, "on" the combined mode, and "off" the disabled mode.

I originally wanted to use two Optima D31M Blue Top batteries, but there was not enough room. So I decided on two Odyssey PC 1500's instead. These fit (just) within the stock battery location, although it was necessary to fabricate a new battery tray and mounting system (using only existing, stock holes of course).

20081108-1-12 2

Parts and materials ran nearly $1,000 for everything. I worked with Flying Circus English Cars, in Durham, NC, to perform the fabrication and installation. They really did a great, quality job - I'd recommend their services to anyone in the Raleigh/Durham area.

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