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Originally Posted by nosivad_bor
You want unbiased opinion? I dont know anything about these watches. I did go and visit rolex website and i have picked my favorite. I dont know which ones cost the most etc. I just know which one I would like to have.


They all blur together a bit but to me having no sense of history of the brand I completely love the look of the Oyster Pro GMT Master II with blue and red bezel. Not too flashy but distinctive, has the iconic little bubble face and more importantly the date. Also Ilike having the dual time zone property. Fuck I am going to have to look around to see the price of this thing to bring me back to reality.

Rob, that is just bad ass. You go to the Rolex site tabula rasa and you pick the steel GMT. No gold. No day-date bullshit. That's sweet.

You should look into a GMT for yourself. You've earned it too. I think list on a steel GMT2 is around $5k. You can certainly buy one cheaper on eBay or something if you're inclined to take some risk. I think Koreatown authorized Rolex dealers charge about $4,500 out the door.

Sure, that's a lot of money. But it's not crazy either. $5k for a lifetime timepiece isn't bad at all. Think about the money you've blown thus far on various watches in your lifetime. The more of these throwaway pieces you buy, the farther you are from the watch of a lifetime (and your son's lifetime and his son's lifetime).

You'll be buying quality. You're not buying marketing. Look at the GMT. Look at the machining. Look at the movement. Look at the crystal. It's worth it. I don't know if you've seen one in person, but take a look. It's a very impressive piece.

Every red-blooded male should have one nice watch. A watch and a wedding band are the only real pieces of jewelry a man can wear with authority. A GMT has a lot of bam but without being gay. I know it'll look sweet on your wrist. And you'll enjoy it every day of your life.
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