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Originally Posted by hanchung
"However the real untold story of the GMT Master begins here. Everyone knows that NASA astronauts were issued with Omega Speedmasters, however not everyone knows that almost all the astronauts owned their own GMT Masters, which had become the standard Aviators timepiece, and they continued to wear them at all times including space flights.

This statement is patently false. The GMT isn't flight qualified by NASA, so it can't be worn during EVA, launches, and re-entry. It's against the rules. So the bit about "at all times" is patently erroneous.

I don't doubt that some of the NASA Astronauts may have worn their GMT's during some of the missions. Here Ed Mitchell is winding/setting what many believe to be a GMT:

I can't tell what it is. It looks as if it has a biggie bezel, so it doesn't appear to be a Moon Watch. But from the pic it looks to be one of two backup watches. Mitchell's Moon Watch is strapped to his left forearm, and that's the watch he wore for the launch of Apollo XIV.

I have yet to see a single pic of an Astronaut wearing a GMT during any mission. I'm not saying it never happened. But I haven't seen a pic of a single GMT.

For sure, this ain't no GMT:

This ain't no GMT either:

And this ain't no GMT:

Action pics of the Moon Watch are everywhere. There are hundreds and possibly even thousands of them. And I have yet to see a single GMT action shot.

Originally Posted by hanchung
The Speedmasters were regulated to occasions when they had to be worn, such as during space walks when the special extended bracelet allowed them to be worn outside the space suits.

This also sounds like bullshit. How does one regulate a watch for EVA? The watch gets broiling hot in the sunshine. Then it gets freezing cold in the shade. How does one regulate for this? That's bullshit.

Originally Posted by hanchung
It was the GMT Master on the wrist of Jack Swigert that helped the crew of the Apollo 13 to make it back to Earth safely after their on board oxygen tank ruptured."

This not outside the realm of possibility. However, I think it's weird that Swigert would use a GMT for timing a burn instead of a Moon Watch. You mean to tell me he used the second hand on his GMT instead of the stopwatch function on his Moon Watch? Again, it's not impossible to believe. But it doesn't sound credible to me.

I'm not quite sure why the GMT owners feel the need to grasp for straws like this. The GMT is a kick ass watch. It doesn't need justification. I would rate the GMT and the Moon Watch about equal in bad assness. Why grasp for straws?
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