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I have had a battery tender for many years and it has worked well. The motorcycle model, though.

One nice thing about the motorcycle model; it has a quick release plug and two hook-up options. One is a pair of standard battery clips and the other a piece that can attach full-time to the battery. On my F2 race bike, I mounted one of the battery tender attachments and left it on the bike and then simply connected the plug when it was parked. Simple and easy; might work well in your situation.

Even though it's for bikes, it does work for car batteries. The caveat? I discovered on my Audi that if the battery was hooked up, the car, alarm system, et al drew the power from the tender and didn't allow the battery to charge. I unhooked the battery and voila. It charged.

So long story short...battery tender works well, even the motorcycle one. For a trailer battery, it might prove a simple and easy option.

Hope this helps.
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