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I hear you. It is not the RA one. We tried one of those and found it didn't fit properly (sat below the frame rail by about .25"). I've heard others had good luck with the RA tank fitment but it never worked for me.

It's a custom job by a local boat tank builder. The welds are a thing of beauty. If you're interested, I (or Jesse) can see if he is interested in building another. I bet any boat builder in your area could put one together for you as well.

You might also get away from cutting the body panel if you adapt one of these:

Toyota had a dual filler neck system. Cut the neck down a bit and I bet it would fit in the d-90 wheel well. Just didn't have the time to make it work.

It is pretty nice being able to flip the fuel pump switch while cruising down the road, transferring the fuel while never stopping. I believe Sheki had some kind of dual setup on his LE.
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