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I think that IS the system to have for in-dash. I don't like all the buttons associated with most units, they just look clunky. The Pioneer is one of the cleanest looking units out there.

The only real problem I have with those units is the motorized screens. I have not had the best of luck with a face plate that turns under its own power. They always break or get jammed up.

Personally, I like a big screen. I know it's not what you are looking for, at all, but I use a laptop with a 17" screen. I'm just not coordinated enough to look at a smaller screen and drive at the same time in congested, unfamiliar areas. Point being, I would go as large as you can with the screen.

BTW, You may hold off a month or so on the Z1. It appears in April, a Z2 will be released. So, the prices may drop a tad on the Z1.

......and trade in that Opera for some Flogging Molly
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