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only thing about having touch screen interface on the dash is that it takes your eye and attention from the road.

My G500 has a nav/radio monitor in the center console. When compared to where the MUD-UK double DIN opening is, it is little lower in relation to the driver position. The thing I don't like it is any kind of input (such as changing routes or detour programming) while driving requires taking attention from the moving traffic. It is usable only because it has a secondary quick disply in the dash for upcoming turns and has voice instructions.

Compared to that, having 276C on top of the dash close to the 2 o'clock position of my steering wheel, it is more convinient and safe. I do admit it looks ugly and bulky up there, but.....

John, another thing you should consider is the reflection. With the 276C it is possible to tweak the unit incase you get reflection or sun in the screen.

With hard mount to the MUD-UK dash, which is high on th dash directly facing the flat rear glass, if you get reflection, only remedy would be to change your driving position? Maybe a mock-up trial mount with something close to TFT screen (or some shiny plastic surface) is in order before you hack the dash?
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