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From what I hear the AVIC-Z2 is merely an AVIC-Z1 with software upgrades. I'm far from sure though. But if I drop the coin to get the nav, I would probably get the Z2.

The reflection is a big concern. I don't like tinted windows and refuse to tint my truck's windows. Every time I see a Defender with tinted windows I want to barf. The AVIC-Z1 has a tilt feature that can tweak the monitor slightly to avoid bad glare. I believe the tilt works only up and down and not side to side. I'm sure the tilt would help but I doubt it would eliminate glare entirely. I'll just have to live with the glare.

The AVIC-Z1 also comes with a microphone and accepts voice commands. I'm not sure how well it works, especially in a very noisy Defender environment, but at least it's there.

I just can't do the 276 thing. It's a sweet unit but it's too GPSsexy for me, especially with my 706 mounted right below it.
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