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Originally Posted by johnlee
...And I could just sell my 706 to one of the many guys who will have upgraded to Amateur Extra class by the time I finish the project.

Maybe Aaron's son Evan can buy it off you, you should be done with all this by the time he gets his Extra ticket.

first of all I have to say I am beside myself with amazement that you are even thinking about this. I think it is an awesome project and something I too have given thought to. Off-road I don't know how useful the GPS will be, I have had issue with mine. Mine doesn't give thousands of seconds when it comes to coordinates, so it rounds up or down. Jack and I figured it could be off by as much as 5 miles off road using the coordinated and a paper map. On road it is awesome and works very well, easy to program and view. I have no glare on my screen, it sits in the same location as yours would. The screen on mine has an anti-glare matted finish and the screen is brighter than the suns reflection.

All the features on that system seem pretty kick ass, it definitely would give you everything and then some. Seems more like something I would do as opposed to you. Think about my last statement and then decide if it's right for you. Remember how you scoffed at all the wiring in my center console? Welcome to my world.
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