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Oh please. I've seen the inside of your center console. Unpretty. If there's so much stuff in there that Pendy won't touch it, that's very telling.

I wonder just how long this AVIC install would take. The 706 install took me forever because I thought I might as well do my flooring to install the antennae, and then I might as well install my roof lights if I'm going to install the flooring and run the wires for the antennae, and so on. In contrast, this AVIC installation is largely within the vehicle. Of course I would have to run the GPS antenna somewhere but that's nothing. And the AVIC install would require very little handwork and hand fitting. The roof flooring install was a nightmare because it was all hand fitting.

But even if I could pull off this install quickly, it would be a lot of work. There's no doubt about that. And I would have to cut into the dash and ruin it for any other purpose.

I have to take a closer look at your navsexy system. I had largely ignored it up to now, but now I'm intrigued.
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