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I had one on my LE, John you saw it. In fact you took photos of it the first time we met at the old Torrence shop. It too was sloped like DM's, since I no longer have the truck I can't take photos or better examine it. The way the fuel pump worked on that one sounds similar to DM's. I had a little toggle switch that would start the fuel pump. It would transfer the fuel from the aux tank to the OEM tank. The pump would stop/shut off once it no longer detected fluid, similar to and basement sump pump. I had let that thing run for many minutes after it was done transferring and never had a problem with it.

I loved having a duel tank set up, in fact it should be standard equipment on D-90's just like it is on the old Jaguars. My filler neck was inside the wheel well, it was a bit annoying to fill because you had to hold the pump filler manually, but it was super stealth.

You can have a tank made off of a card board mock up. Mount it and then have a skid plate made that sat .5" lower if you are so concerned with damage. That thing would be built proof.

Your other option if you don't want to do the tank thing... go diesel!
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