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Ho found for me the pics of Sheki's 1997 LE auxiliary tank, so I thought I would post up the pics.

I believe this is the auxiliary tank previously sold by British Pacific. Here's a view from the rearward underside:

And here's a view from the forward underside:

Note how the bottom of the tank sits lower than the starboard side frame rail. I wouldn't even want the bottom of the tank to be level with the bottom of the frame, let alone below the frame. This tank is just asking to get mangled on the trail.

Here's how the front of the tank is mounted to the frame outrigger:

These outriggers on my truck are mangled from trail damage. Here's a side view of the tank:

You can see that the tank would sit just below a Mantec sill protector (which sits a little lower than the factory sills). So I think the tank would get mangled some more.

After looking at David's sweet tank, Sheki's tank looks ghetto in comparison. And it's not a shit tank either. Sheki's tank is far from bad ass but it's not horrible. But it's ghetto next to David's.

Here's a close-up of the filler:

The filler is located in front of the starboard rear wheel, inside the wheel well. This pic gives you a better idea of its angle inside the rear wheel well:

You can see the fuel filter and fuel pump in this pic. The wiring for the fuel pump looks horrible to me and the ground is cracking me up, but that could be changed very easily.

David mentioned to me at dinner last night that his pump automatically shut off when it sensed the auxiliary tank was dry. David said that he could hear the auxiliary fuel pump shut off and when he left the switch ON to test the pump's automatic shut-down feature, the pump would occasionally start up when fuel sloshed around in the tank, such as when coming to the stop. That's a very cool design and I would think such a design would prevent the pump from smoking.

So with this system, gas was poured into the auxiliary tank, then filtered, and then run through the fuel pump to the main tank via the main tank's breather:

There's a secondary rubber hose running along the starboard side frame rail:

I'm not sure but it looks to me as if this hose is the breather hose for the auxiliary tank.

The system works but I'm not feeling it. I really want an auxiliary tank but the only one I would even consider right now would be Dave Marchand's.
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