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I had a chance to study the ShekiNav system yesterday, and the more I play with it, the more I like it.

Here is a view of David's touchscreen monitor:

The monitor is quite large, and the entire unit is a hair larger than a double DIN. The touch controls are very easy to use. I like them a lot and would not want to go to a 276 type of unit after being spoiled on the touchscreen.

Reflection looks bad in that photo but isn't bad at all. When the driver is viewing this monitor in this location, the monitor is reflecting the passenger seat and there's very little reflection. In fact, I was playing with Ho's 276 in my truck today and there was a lot more reflection on it because I was positioning it on top of the dash and it was reflecting the light from the side windows.

Here's a front view of the ShekiNav monitor:

David said that his monitor came from the factory with a white aluminum trim. David pulled the trim piece and painted it satin black. I think the result is really nice and the painted piece looks very factory (Kenwood factory, not Land Rover factory):

I really like this monitor because I don't have to cut into the dash at all:

At most I would cut into the rear window switch box and these are readily available and cheap. The AVIC is a full double DIN and I would definitely have to cut into the dash to make clearance for the depth.

I checked online for a system similar to the ShekiNav and the only company that still makes such a system is Alpine. The Alpine nav is supposed to be the best nav system by far. That's good. Unfortunately, the Alpine monitor is silver and doesn't fit the Defender look the way the ShekiNav monitor does.

I played with Ho's 276 in my truck again today and I still don't feel it. So I think the AVIC is still leading the way in terms of nav choices. But I'm ambivalent on the idea, so my Defender nav search continues.

Here are some miscellaneous shots of the ShekiMobile:


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