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Help a newbie and tell me if my idea is crap.

I really do not want to drill/bolt any crap to my dash and I already have the ICOM 706 faceplate hanging from my ceiling.

My RRC has no dash room for a GPS mounting location. The ancient Blaupkunkt stereo is needing replacement anyway and the RRC oddball stereo mounting-at-an-angle is limiting and tends to funnel dust into the unit.

My thought is to purchase one of the in-dash (DIN chassis) A/V head units that has the 7" motorized fold-out screen. I realize on the RRC the screen would then block my HVAC controls but I'm OK with the compromise.

Such units appear to be available from Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, etc. and many units appear to allow everything from CD/DVD/MP3/XM/Sirius/iPod hookup as well as Nav system hookups.

The question I have is if the Nav systems available with this type of unit would accept software attractive for offroad or would it try to tell me the next Texaco or restaurant available in San Diego while I'm on a trail 250 miles south of the border?

For example, I'm looking at this:

to use with this:

Or would Sheki's Kenwood Nav system work with one of their motorized in-dash fold-out units?

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