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Greg there is a perfect place to mount a gps in the coin tray on top of the dash. If you dont like it buy a new tray for 10 bucks used.

I am not sure that the radios with LCD screen are going to fit in the stock mounting position. I always had trouble fitting radios in there because its very shallow. These advanced units are likely going to require a deeper mount.

Also with the bouncing around offroad I'm not sure the fold out at a 45deg angle is going to be the best design. I have not researched it but you are linking to some seriously high dollar stuff for what seems to me is not the best solution.

If you dont care about onroad directions which guide you an all that the venerable Garmin 276 is your friend.

If you want it all and like it big, the unit John likes appears to be superb. Either one could be tastfully mounted on the RRc dash in no time, whith it all being completely reversible if you find it too gpssexy

I will say the one thing I like about the 276 unit is. If you get stuck or borken down, you can remove the unit and hike with it.

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