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I'm really liking the idea of the Kenwood KNA-G510. It's made by Garmin but unlike the Garmin it utilizes a touch screen. So you are getting Garmin software and maps with an available SD slot for update and new map addition, i.e Mexico (Jack are you listening). This unit also uses a hard drive instead of DVD's. I never had an issue with my DVD; however, I do prefer the idea of an HD over DVD. I can use my existing screen too, going online I was able to find this unit for $395. Since it has been suggested I rip out all my after market electronic and start over... this may be a good excuse for some changes. This may be the motivating factor needed to under take such a daunting task as redoing all my electronics.

I would assume (you know what they say about that) because it is Garmin software that it would work very well off road and I would be able to enter in proper GPS coordinates vs. the bull shit I had to deal with last time while in Mexico with my existing Kenwood system.

Damn, why does my Birthday have to be so far away.
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