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Originally Posted by greghirst

I'm with Rob and Dan on the motorized screen. I would think that the motorized screen is more susceptible to vibration damage on the trail. The units like the AVIC-Z1 and the Mk3 nav have motorized screens but they operate with the screen "closed" and not hanging out to get levered back and forth constantly on the trail. I have no experience with the motorized screens, so this may not be a real concern at all. But I get the feeling these units are designed for road use rather than trail use. But if you have no room for a biggie monitor with touchscreen ability, the motorized screens may be your only choice.

As an alternative to the $3,000 Alpine system you linked to, here's a motorized screen unit from Pioneer with MSRP of $1,800:,00.html

This unit has all of the gizmo expandability features.
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