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Here are some pics from yesterday.

I apologize in advance if the pics seem monotonous. Triple B's shooting booths look like this:

The cages block the side shots, so the shooting pics are almost all from the rear.

Here's why Jack described David's shooting style as "tactical":

David shoots clays with the gun pre-mounted and positioned at what Gunsite calls "low ready". After David shoots, he automatically returns the weapon to low ready.

I really like the way David shoots. I normally shoot clays with the gun at high ready, but I will often pre-mount the gun and call for the target with the weapon at low ready, just to practice my low ready position. I wish I could practice my indoor ready as well, but the shooting booths don't permit this.

David even had the tactical pants:

Here are the four guns we shot yesterday:

With the side-by-side, over/under, pump repeater, and self-loading repeater represented, this is a good variety of different shotgun types. From left to right are Tom's Ugartechea 20, Jack's Winchester Model 12, my Krieghoff K-20, and my Benelli Super 90 (which David shot).

Here's a close-up of the K-20's receiver:

I really like the K-20. I was noticeably less tired yesterday after shooting the K-20 than I am normally after shooting the K-80. My K-20's buttstock also fits me slightly better than my K-80's buttstock does.

My K-20 is fucked up though. There's something wrong with the lower barrel's ejector or cocking ram. The weapon is very difficult to break open about half the time. I'll have to take a close look at the K-20's internals when I get a chance. If I can't do the repair myself, I'll send it to PSA for repair.
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