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Here I am on the same station with the K-20, gun in high ready and ready to call for the target:

And bang:

Tom, you can see in these pics what I mean by minimal angle changes between the high ready and mounted shots. There's very little angle change in the K-20 from high ready to shot. There's always going to be some angle change, but this is very different from the drastic vertical-to-horizontal angles change seen on many gun mounts.

On high ready, I keep the weapon vertically oriented so that I don't have to twist it when it when I mount it. The muzzle is situated in eyes-muzzle-target fashion as in this pic:

I also try to move my head as little as possible during the mount as well. That is, I bring the gun up to the face rather than shouldering the gun and then lowering my head onto the gun:

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