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David, Jack and I were hesitant to give you advice on the range yesterday because we didn't want to overload you with information. Rather, we just wanted you to have a good time at the range. But now that the range day is over, I thought I would throw out some pointers for next time.

If you can, get the butt into the pocket of your shoulder, inboard of your shoulder joint where it's nice and soft.

Check out:

Granted, that's you during before the cheek weld, but because you were shooting high gun the butt is already located where it would be when you took the shot.

When the weapon recoils into the shoulder muscle, it hurts. Get the butt inboard of that shoulder muscle like this:

Not only is the gun going to hurt you with the butt where it is located now, the gun is far away from your face and you have to tilt your head over the gun:

With the butt properly in your shoulder pocket, the weapon is much closer to your face and you can keep your head more erect:

I also recommend taking a slightly more aggressive stance with your torso more forward. Check out:

Granted, that's a high target. But with your torso back like that you are going to get pushed around more than you would if your torso was more forward. Here I am on the same station:

But these are just little things you'll pick up as you shoot more. I must say that I was stunned how many hits you got and how good your gunhandling was. Your Death Machine title stands.
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