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Originally Posted by johnlee
Tom, you can see in these pics what I mean by minimal angle changes between the high ready and mounted shots. There's very little angle change in the K-20 from high ready to shot. There's always going to be some angle change, but this is very different from the drastic vertical-to-horizontal angles change seen on many gun mounts.

I'll certainly give this an honest try at home and see how it goes. As Jack was saying, I fear it might not be practical/safe in the field and since I don't want to develop any range habits that could carry over it kind of freaks me out. High ready does seem very comfortable. Perhaps the true mark of excellence is being so experienced that I can shoot clays, or even tactical, without it affecting my upland habits.

One question I do have for you guys: how well do I get my face up against the stock? Usually I notice some discomfort in the right place after I shoot, but I might just be getting slapped by recoil.

Man, after I switched to the Zen mentality, I was amazed at my performance albeit in only one round; I just can't think too much about clays. This makes no sense to me.
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