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Originally Posted by johnlee
This is pissing me off.

I'm going to assume that you attempted ejections of unfired rounds (unsafe), "snap caps", or empty casings. If the ejection mechanisms all worked fine with whatever you tried in the shop then could it be something with your round/chamber mating surface?

If your Krieghoff has a rough finish in the chambers the added friction could cause a round to stick. This wouldn't be as apparent in an unfired round or a snapcap as the round has not expanded due to the firing of the round. Thus your shotgun would function well on "dry runs" but might mis-eject on fired casings.

Was the fault only with one brand/type/box of cartridges? A box/case of cartridges with slightly oversized casings might also be a culprit.

Of course I am likely wrong on either count. In the picture posted in the aforementioned post it appears as though both extractors have gone through their full range of motion which would eliminate a mechanical failure.

Hope it all works out,

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