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Originally Posted by read
I stopped by Fry's on the way back home. They have a 7200 on the floor. I flipped through the screens a bit and it is quite nice. Real simple navigation through the screens and different functions. I just wish the screen resolution was better. Right next to it they had this model

the nuvi650. Granted, the screen is about 1/4 of the size of the 7200 so the resolution on that screen much better. It just made the 7200 seem lacking in pixels.

I will say the install for the 7200 would be super clean & easy.

For me, I'm still going to go for the MacMini install.

Read, I went to Fry's today to check out the 7200. Oh man. The 7200 is a pile. It's so dated. The monitor resolution is terrible, and the unit is huge. It's very thick front to back, and the cradle is huge. There's no way I could mount the 7200 cleanly.

I also played with that nuvi right beside the 7200. This nuvi is totally sweet for what it is. It's very thin front to back, and it seemed to me that the nuvi would do pretty much everything the 7200 would do. The monitor's resolution was very nice and the touchscreen worked much better on the nuvi than it did on the 7200.

I can't help but think that Garmin is working on a larger nuvi to replace the 7200 and 7500, and I think I'm going to wait for that unit to come out. But for sure the 7200 and 7500 are out of the question.
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