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Have you ever noticed those vans on the roads with cameras all over them? Those are contractors paid to just drive. In the back of the van is a very extensive set-up that records the road, road signs, building, etc... Apparently, the next big thing in navigation is going to be what John posted above. You'll be able to load an address, and within the directions, you will be able to see road signs, exits, landmarks, etc. Sounds fancy.

I heard all this on a radio interview with some guy who does the actual work. When asked if they [contractors] ever place a non-existent road on a map, the contractor said "yes", and laughed. Basically, this is how they can tell their maps from others. The companies will insert a dead-end road onto a map that is really not there. if another company is suspected of "stealing" maps, they can then look for these bogus roads to confirm who the map belongs to.
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