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Thrashin' and Trashin'?

We were running the Mojave Road the same weekend as your group. Ya'll were obviously in a hurry because you blew past us early on the first day at some great speeds for such beautifully scenic country. Whoever had the firewood on the roof rack left a trail of firewood all along the road, which made for nice firewood rather than leaving it out there as "trash". The large pile of rocks on Soda Lake is called Government Monument and holds a special place in the history of the Mojave Road. Blatantly spray-painting SOCAL 2007 in large black letters across the front of this historic monument was sadly disappointing.

It seemed to us that the SOCAL group was running this road "blind", without literature or detailed direction from a number of great sources (primarily Casebier's definitive book on the subject); and it's disapointing to see an off-road enthusiast group emblazoned with club stickers seemingly running this historic road just to check it off the list, rather than respect the road for what it is and has meant to so many different peoples and cultures over the past centuries.

Tread Lightly and Leave No Trace were obviously not practiced by SOCAL on this run of the Mojave Road in March; we can only hope it was an anamoly and SOCAL does indeed practice good off-road ethics and practices elsewhere.

As fellow users of our public lands, we hope you do not continue to trash our beautiful desert.
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