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David Druck
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Originally Posted by JSQ

I don't know why you bothered with all of that other shit. The only thing that matters is that you did exactly what this fang guy claimed you did.

I bothered responding to claims for the same reason he did bringing them up. I'm telling the truth about what happened weather one portion is good / one portion is bad.

There's nothing i can do to change what we did. People make mistakes and if you were a good person you'd forgive people for what they have done. Especially if they claim they have learned from the experience and have made plans or have already fixed the situation.

As far as paint goes in the tool kit... we try and carry EVERYTHING on a 130+ mile run. Did we need a can of paint? probably not... did we have it? yes.

I don't need to justify ANYTHING to you guys. I've done plenty of nice things for many people/places in my life and i don't need to get beat down for one mistake that a group made. I've said my part. Im done with this thread.

Good night guys.
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