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Originally Posted by mtnrovr
I sort like a larger table so that I can sit, eat, and even cooking in a standing position comfortably.

REI used to carry this table, but I checked and it's no longer listed.

I think that's the same table we have:

We got ours at REI a few years ago. If it is the same table, it fits into a Pelican 1650 with padded divider:

There's also room in there for a cutting board, grill/griddle, knife roll, lindal canisters, small Snow Peak cookset, and other appurtenances.

The table's legs fit into the bottom and there's still clearance for the Snow Peak Standard Model Two Burner:

The top of the table just barely fits:

I was going to cut the table if necessary, but it all just barely fits with no cutting at all.
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