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car cover solutions for the odd shaped vehicle?

I really need to cover up the disco.

I don't drive it that frequently and it spends a lot of time sitting exposed to the elements.
Basically, I drive it to the car wash and then it sits till I drive it to the carwash again.

I want to cover it up.

I'm not willing to go all out and get a custom car cover.
If I did that I'd want it to fit absolutely perfectly and it's not unforseeable that my roof(rack) line would change somehow and then it would be all screwed up.

What's a good off-the-shelf covering for a vehicle with as funky a shape as this:

So far the only solution I can come up with is getting a surplus parachute. It seems like the thing to cover up funky cars like trail disco1s or DeLoreans set up for time travel or what have you.
Not really a great solution though.

Does anyone happen to know if the dimensions of any other stock vehicle match that of a modded disco?
Say a cover for a full size Bronco or something like that?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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