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Responce from the TSA

Thank you for your e-mail message concerning the destruction of your TSA Approved Lock.

These locks were developed through cooperation between luggage, lock and travel accessory manufacturers and the TSA. Under this system, TSA screeners are able to unlock and then relock luggage without damage through the use of passkey sets that are available to TSA screeners. These locks are accepted and recognized by the TSA for use at all airports where TSA screening is performed.

However, TSA does not approve or endorse this particular product and we expect additional vendors to provide different versions of these "Dual Custody" padlocks to the retail market. While we cannot guarantee that the TSA accepted locks will not be broken during security screening, we do request that you report such incidents to the TSA Contact Center (TCC) so that we can take appropriate action.

Additional information on these products can be found on the Travel Sentry web site at

and on the Safe Skies web site at
We have attached a copy of our claims form so that you may seek compensation for the replacement of your lock. While use of the form is not mandatory, it will help you ensure that you meet the legal requirements for filing a claim.

In order to protect your rights under federal law and to file a valid claim, you must send your claim in writing to TSA, stating the circumstances of the loss and the exact amount you are claiming (fair market value of lost or destroyed property, reasonable cost of repair for damaged property), within two years after your claim accrued. The claim must be signed by you or your authorized representative (e.g., an attorney or other personal representative with appropriate proof of authority).

You can satisfy the notice requirement by filling out the attached Standard Form 95 (claim form) in accordance with the instructions, and returning it to the address in box #1. Please be sure to follow the instructions carefully, and to fill out the claim form completely.

Once the Claims Management Office has received your claim form, you will be sent a letter of acknowledgement and a claim number. You should keep the claim number for future reference when inquiring about your claim. TSA will try to resolve your claim as quickly as possible, but it may need time to make a further investigation of the facts. If TSA denies your claim, or has not finally resolved it within six months after you have filed it, you may have a right to bring your claim to court.

Please visit TSA's Claims Management Office's website at for information related to filing a claim, checking the status of a claim and other claim related issues.
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