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Jack and I went to Moore n Moore yesterday afternoon, we arrived at 3pm only to find that they close at 3pm. One of the instructors, Dan Reeves, overheard Jack mention he was up from San Diego and felt bad. Dan wasn't in a hurry to leave and sit in rush hour traffic on the 405, so he told us he'd stay and let us shoot if we wanted, of course we took him up on his offer. Dan was a real nice guy and ended up giving us a free hour lesson while taking us around the course.

They have a new stand called "Argentina", it is a random selection of 27 clays thrown in pairs with an 8 second delay between pairs to allow for reloading. It was pretty awesome! Dan was very helpful in assisting me with my left eye dominance problem as well as timing and leading the clays. He mentioned a rather impressive resume and informed us that he was world champion twice. He also mentioned something about a file... so I searched.

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