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Dan is quite the character and David and I had a great time shooting with him. It wasn't what we had planned on, but it was a great experience.

Here's a bit more about Dan:

About Dan Reeves:
Dan is a shooting coach, performer, and world-champion competitor in the clay target sports. Dan set, held and still holds many world records for his marksmanship. Dan has performed shooting exhibitions all over the world including the Hippodrome and Chambord Castle in Paris France; He has also performed Hip Shooting Exhibitions in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Scotland and England. Dan focuses on personalizing his instruction to each shooter, paying attention to how they learn, and what they want to learn.

He employs teaching techniques for a quality learning experience - your achievement is what's important.

Dan works with all ages, from 10 years old to the senior shooter, and disciplines, including recreational and competitive clay target shooting, group/corporate events, rehabilitative shooting for sight and physically challenged shooters, and law enforcement and military technique, as well as upland gamebird hunting.

Many shooters have said they learned more from Dan in one lesson than in a lifetime of shooting. If it involves a shotgun and you want to improve, give Dan a call at 310 371 3518 or email him at as he is available by appointment only.

7 Days a week. Appointment only. Dan can schedule lessons outside Moore N Moore's normal business hours, but if you'd like to know our business hours, click here.

What do lessons cost?:
$75.00 per hour, two-hour minimum. Please contact Dan regarding group events, competition support and for more info. Targets and Ammo are not included in this price. For more information on prices, click here.

Dan Reeves:

Dan is a shotgun shooting coach, performer, and past ďAll AmericanĒ World Champion competitor in the clay target sports. Retired from competition since 1992, Dan was 3-times the captain of TEAM USA in world competition. He has set, held, and still holds world records for his marksmanship. With his live performances, video instruction, TV and radio appearances (three seasons of ESPNís Star Shot series, twice on Thatís Incredible, and various other cable shooting shows) he has been seen by millions of people all over the world performing his shotgun shooting exhibitions.

Today, Dan is known for his coaching skills with shotgun shooters in the recreational field, competitive arena, and Olympic disciplines. He is a master at analyzing your individual shooting challenges and making adjustments that improve your shooting ability.

Dan is a combat veteran and understands the tactical environment as well. His instruction to Law Enforcement and Military reflect what tactical shooters need to enhance their survivability in a life-threatening engagement.
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