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He didn't do any of that business, but he did point a gun at David's head to demonstrate some point about target accquisition and bbl speed.

I wasn't too thrilled with that part.

He told David he was going to do it, so I left it up to David to allow it or stop it. David can do as he chooses, but there is no way I would let someone point any firearm at me under any circumstances.

Overall his shooting instruction was pretty clayed-out in the sense that the stated goal is to teach you to learn every target and hit every target with practice in order to achieve perfect scores. That means all sorts of varying adaptations in mount and techniques to address unusual targets. For me, the principals of lead and gauging targets are very relevant, but tweaks like smudging one of your glasses lenses or using a high-fulcrum mount are as irrelevant as high gun or safety off. I don't/can't hunt that way, so I won't be using those techniques to shoot clays even if it nets me a higher score.

Dan described the limitations of instinctive/reflexive shooters who could shoot consistently at totally unfamiliar targets but who could only manage 50% if they did well or 60% if they were lucky. However, that style and those percentages are an admirable goal for myself. A 2 to 1 wingshooter on wild birds is very good. Particularly flushed birds rather than decoying or pass shooting. I can learn basic rules of trajectory and gunning from clays but I want to maintain a reflexive instinct in my shooting because birds never fly the same way twice and if I come home with only twice as many empty shells as birds, I'm going to be more than satisfied.

I have only a basic knowledge of shotgunning, but I do have a clear understanding of what my goals and what my limitations are. It's hard for me to take clays instruction and try to accept and absorb the relevant teaching while dismissing the bits that won't be helpful. It doesn't make me the best student, but I'm confident that I can steer myself in a good direction without missing the point and I was very happy to have the opportunity to learn.

I think Dan would make a good instructor, because he's knowledgeable AND he's a lot of fun.
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