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Expedition Trucks Take on the Rubicon

The team just finished with the fall issue of Overland Journal (major Rolex, EE, D90, Snap-On, LR, Camel Trophy porn...), so now I can get back on the forum.

I thought some of you would enjoy this.

I was contracted to drive the new XV-JP EarthRoamer over the Rubicon trail a few weeks ago, which also meant bringing my Tacoma for support. From Loon lake through the trail to Tahoe without a scratch or drivetrain failure (on either vehicle). Not bad for a couple of 6,000 lb., $$$ overland vehicles.

In addition, a few weeks prior, I was taking the new Liberty (KK) through the trail and we came across a "blackwater" group testing diesel Toyotas (which were interestingly enough, registered and plated out of North Carolina). A few videos too.

Diesel Toyotas

Diesel 105 Land Cruiser (dream truck)

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