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Roof rack flooring...just a bit, I promise.

I can't seem to find the thread where Ho said what he used. I'd like a few details.

I have 2 4X8 foot, 1/2 inch thick sheets of black Seaboard HDPE, but I bought them for something else, and I think they will be too heavy. As I recall, you fellows are using some sort of lighter material.

Currently, I have the chicken floor. Yes, I have it. I am frustrated with the holes in it, to be honest, I think the roof could be kept far cleaner of sap and things if I just have a solid sheet up there, plus, it will look simpler and cleaner, and posibly keep the cabin cooler. It will get me a chance to play with stainless steel bolts and boat hardware again anyway.

I really like the way yours looks in the pictures I have found. I assume you have used a countersunk SS machine head bolt, with some sort of strap and nut underneath the bars. Primarily, I am interested in knowing just what you would recommend as far as flooring goes.

If you are satisfied with it after all this time, it should be well good enough for me.

I know this was discussed somewhere before, but I just can't find it. I didn't want to call just to ask what you have on your rack.


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