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I've never really been into that idea. I had decided a long time ago to go with hdpe, I just didn't know which thickness I was after, or if I wanted a lightweight version or not.

As it turns out, I went in after months of staring at the stuff, and lifted it quite easily. I have bad days every now and again, and when I moved it last I must have been having a bad day. It only weighs 83 pounds. That's nothing really, but when you are fighting an urge to vomit, it feels quite heavy.

I successfully made the cuts and notches today, and I'll cut some holes tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get to a router table in the next couple of days. It's looking good so far. It's heaver than the chicken stuff, but I don't think it will be a big issue.

As a note, I found that this material likes to be cut fast. Low RPMs, and a fast pass with the saw seems to keep things cool. The spec sheet I found said a blade with teeth no more than 15mm apart, and preferring an 80 tooth standard circular blade. It also reccomended a 1750 RPM saw, which is just darn hard to find. Worm gear saws can get close though. It worked out with a borrowed direct drive circular saw and a holow ground 100 tooth blade, but I could tell that lower RPMs and a higher pass speed would have made it much easier.


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