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Originally Posted by JSQ
Either this RonC joker does no offroading whatsoever and is all talk or his corpse will be discovered shortly in some remote desert after his monstrous stupidity finally does him in Darwin style.

I read his thread on Muddy Oval. Wheeling alone, hundreds of miles from civilization and he doesn't usually carry gas or have a winch - a recovery strap works just fine in the desert. He also travels alone. He carries a come-along and by God he's self-recovered with that, so why spend so much on a winch when it isn't really needed?

The 'woody' bumper is just the first clue that this guy is clueless. Especially when you look through the trip archives on MO and see the write up where his recovery strap just buried him to the axles during a recovery attempt, luckily the stuck D2 had a winch.

He does sum this up nicely:
I guess Nomar (Jeff?) is just "getting even" with me because he can hear me rolling on the floor laughing every time I see all the stuff that the VA, DC, MD, NY, NJ, PA guys have hanging on their rigs that are so unneccesary out here in NV:

Limb risers - We just don't have many trees....
Bull bars - I just can't drive fast enough to run into the antelope or horses...
Roof racks - I had one once; didn't have anything to put in it...
Lotsa lights - Did that too; never used them......

and rarely necessary:

Winches - We rarely have deep mud. Almost anything else a strap will work.
Steel front bumper - Only required if I ever got a winch...
Steel rear bumper - ? - That's been covered...

Things that I do have:

Front and rear skids - I have both but they aren't even scraped very much..
Under sill sliders - Built my own out of rectangular tubing. Work great..
- and the lift (3") and BFG ATs..

- - - - -

As far as all the trails in Virginia compared to Nevada. He's really got to be kidding! I've got 100,000 square miles to play in! He's got Rausch Creek! - - - I'm not trying to put down any of you east coast guys. Don't take any offense...But this is a totally different world.

BTW: I spent about 9 months "wheeling" in VT and NH back in 1962 in my '52 International 2 wheel drive pickup. The only thing that was ever difficult was that the snow was really deep! (I was in the US Coast Guard stationed at Groton, CT, attending Electronics Technician School)....

- - - - -

OH - Another thing: Since I have unlimited areas to wheel in, can get out onto the trails every week if I want, am no longer a teenager who has to prove how macho I am - - -
I don't have to drive off the trail to pose a wheel up on every rock..
I don't deliberately dive into the deep mud puddle when I can go around it..
I check out the large deep sand areas carefully before going in - As there is NOTHING to hook onto to get you out around here..
I don't jump dunes...
There is no cell phone coverage if you break it...
AAA and LR Recovery would not come and get you even if you could call out...
- If you can't get back on your own; you die here.

I need to get some lessons from him on wheeling a 2WD pickup. I have a slant-6 Dodge 2WD that won't make it up a dry fire road.....
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