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Originally Posted by expeditionswest
The distributor is in need of replacement, as it appears a prior service damaged the nylon centering disc, so it wobbles slightly and I cannot get it to proper advance.

Does anyone have experience with the Mallory units? Impressions?

I would not mind going that route if it is an improvement. In addition, I am am assuming that the ECU must receive the spark reading from the coil then, as the Mallory is a simple three-wire unit.

We used the Mallory unit in my former business partners Rangie. As I recall it was a bit of a fuss to get to work the first time, we needed to add a balast resistor and ended up swapping the coil to a Mallory coil to get it to work just right, but the results were worth the effort. I believe one of the east coat suppliers is now offering it in kit form, might be AB but I am not sure.

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