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Originally Posted by expeditionswest
The distributor is in need of replacement, as it appears a prior service damaged the nylon centering disc, so it wobbles slightly and I cannot get it to proper advance.

Does anyone have experience with the Mallory units? Impressions?

I would not mind going that route if it is an improvement. In addition, I am am assuming that the ECU must receive the spark reading from the coil then, as the Mallory is a simple three-wire unit.

I wouldn't bother with the Mallory. I'm guessing it uses a generic curvature and might require messing with it to work correctly. Does it have a vacuum advance?

There are plenty of used distributors out there. I carry an extra one from an 88 RRC when I wheel but I've never had a problem with my original one.

They are certainly rebuildable and I believe BP carries replacement hall effect innards. Mine still has original ignition module and I've never relocated even though kit is available.

I'm sure Will Tillery can get you a replacement used one for reasonable ( I think any D1 or RRC one would work for your 95 but you might need to re-curve for your application(?).
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