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If you're going to change it all out anyway, personally, I'd use the Mallory set-up. I mean face it, these motors need all the help they can get. Although any performance gains would be un-noticeable at best, it's an undisputed fact that the Mallory units are a superior design that happens to offer a hotter spark.

Yet, it would have a downfall. What if it breaks? Certainly a stock replacement would be easier to find in a pinch.

If you're going to honestly turn to the diesel conversion in the future, then the stock distributor is the no-brainier. I just got one from Will Tillery, used, about a month ago for $150.00 to install in a truck I was working on. He can get OEM parts, too, at a fraction of the dealership prices. No sense in putting a lot of money in a motor you're only going to remove.
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