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Speaking of stupid shit.

Here's what Joe Nosal aka "Badfysh" just did to his Disco2 in Anza Borrego:

Here is his account compliments of Greg.

I just fucking love this bit:

Originally Posted by badfysh;52758

only thing I can say to avoid something like this is don't go off roading. I mean literally, things happen, its a risky hobby we all have. trucks tip over, parts break, etc. if you push limits enough times, you are going to have things like this happen.

i was going fast and lost control of the vehicle, all other times that happened I was able to regain control and stop/slow the vehicle. this time not. hit a 1-2 foot mound sideways and flipped it. so again, you can just not go off roading if you don't want the hassles. it happens.

I think we all know that that there is always the potential for damage or even a roll when fourwheeling. However, there is only one way you get your truck to do a triple-lindy:
hauling ass.

I definitely keep the speed up on the trail. If I ate it in Mexico doing 40mph, I sure as hell wouldn't pass it off as "shit happens". There is only one response: "I was going too fast". It's no act of God when you wad it up because you lose control. I love how this asshole can't even be accountable when he crashes his truck. Speeding alone in an HOV lane, drinking on the trail, pulling a Colin McRae. It's all the same to Joe Nosal. None of it is his fault.

Nevermind that this happened in AB and I believe there is an offroad speed limit in the park of something like 25mph.

I believe it was an SCLR run.
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