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Originally Posted by montanablur
If I go that route couple 5D's and lots of L series glass.

We need to buy two for Overland Journal, but quickly... Are you ready to make that jump?

Originally Posted by montanablur
Which comes to the back up camera, I would just get another body for DSLR. Once you become proficient with a body it will only frustrate you to have to fall back on something else. So buy a body and a lens.

I have gone that route for years with the 20D, and after having zero failures all that time, I can see the benefit of the back-up camera being a different type of tool, for example extremely portable and discrete, like the D-Lux 3. The images (in RAW) that come out of that thing is amazing, and it allows for a compact package. Of course, just my approach to it, but I am usually space constrained for gear, so always thinking smaller.

Originally Posted by montanablur
Look at the Canon G9 in place of the DLux 3... A lot more camera for a little less money. Less noise with higher ISO's and longer exposures.

I am starting to lean that way. It is so reasonable and a good performer too. I guess my attraction to the Leica brand is having more than a passing influence on this purchase
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