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On my 1999 D1, they send me a mirror with map lights. It plugged right in to the current wiring harness. Now, I have no idea if this was a D2 style mirror or just an "upgraded" D1 mirror.

Sorry, no pics and I've sold that truck.

Have you attempted to call Magna? I think it's worth a shot, for nothing else just let them know you got a POS mirror from them. I mean, even on their web site it reads "Lifetime Warranty". So, what does it matter if they replace the mirror or if Land Rover does? Just push them a little.....

Let me look around. When I got my mirror, they first sent me the wrong one. The mount was wrong. They simply sent me another mirror and never wanted the first one back. I'm about 50% sure I still have that mirror in my collection of parts, but I have not seen it in quite some time. If you can just change the mount, you can have it. But I can't remember if even the wiring was the same..... I'll get back to you Saturday.
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